Morning assembly is the most important feature of school curriculum where students learn the values of collective prayer and are exposed to the need to inculcate moral and ethical values. The morning assembly helps each child to show case his or her talent and ensure a robust start of the day. They are guided to the path of spiritualism through recitation and educational talks. Introspection forms an integral feature if the morning assembly.

This gran assembly was conducted under the supervision of Mr. Riyaz Yusuf (class teacher) by the students of Grade 4D. A special Dua was also made for Mohammad Hateem who was admitted in ICU due to his serious illness.

The assembly was concluded by a sturdy uniform check by respective duty teacher.

The Participants were:

1 Hamza Abid – Host speaker
2 Abdul Raheem Irfan – Recitation of Holy Quran
3 Mohammad Atique – Translation
4 Eba Nayyer – Hadith
5 Hasin Owais – Thought for the day
6 Daniyal Salman – Speech on “Respect to teachers”
7 Sohaib Amjad – Short story on ” How respect is earned”
8 Ayaan Akram – News
9 Mohammad Attique and Abdul Rahim Irfan – Names of Allah
10 Full Class – Saudi National Anthem

Special dua made for Mohammad hateem grade 3A who was in ICU

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Morning Assembly 25-02-2016

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