Principal’s Welcome

As we complete 25 years of Hala International School, it gives me immense pleasure to say that the school has fulfilled the vision and goal I had when I started it all those years ago. The aim was to provide excellent and affordable education to expatriate community in Jeddah, and we have succeeded in doing so. I believe you will find our school filled with talented and enthisiastic students, coupled with wounderful teachers and staff members focused on supporting those students.

We have successfully integrated students coming from diverse backgrounds, 24 different nationalities, into a single unified Hala community, excelling in academics. We also provide a wealth of opportunities for them to participate in a wide range of sporting and co-curricular pursuits aiming to promote self-motivation, responsibility for one’s direction and a constant striving for self improvement. The School also provides ample leadership opportunities for those who are prepared to excercise initiative and accept a challenge.

The teachers are what makes Hala International the outstanding school that it is. We have highly qualified and experienced faculty along with a dedicated administrative staff, guiding our students to achieve the heights they have been scaling.

I take pride in stating that the school has lived upto its mission of “Helping the present and forming the future”. Not one to rest on its laurels, the school has evolved and kept pace with latest educational and technological development, fulfilling a commitment that was made to Hala community, a commitment that will be honoured in future too.


Mrs.Tanveer Tariq


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