Hala International School was started by its Principal, Mrs. Tanveer Tariq, with a total registration of seven students, ranging in ages from 2 1/2 years to 11 years, in the first month. Within a couple of months the number of students had increased to thirty five. Since then the stream of students vying for admission has never dried up with students waiting for up to a year in advance to be a part of the Hala fraternity. Now, it has strength of more than 1500 students divided equally amongst the Kindergarten, Girls and Boys section, and a staff of about 150. Halaites today range in ages from 3 years at the Pre-KG level to 18 years at A-Level. Never has the need been greater, than today, for educational institutes to be beacons for the youth to ascertain what is right for them and grow into morally upright and responsive human beings and responsible citizens of the world. In a world filled with hatred, Hala International School, fostering and encouraging an atmosphere of social and cultural and social harmony and equality, is home to 24 different nationalities, successfully promoting tolerance and unity in diversity. It empowers its students with the strength of character to face and overcome the trials tribulations of life.

Academics are not the only field H.I.S. excels in, the students are active and enthusiastic participants in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. A range of activities including debates, quizzes, elocutions, spelling bees, storytelling,recitation, etc encourage a strong sense of healthy competition. Students compete for individual honours and also for their teams.The four houses, Bluettes, Greenettes, Rosettes and Yellowettes vie with each other for the top honours. Students also participate enthusiastically and win at interschool events, the latest being a win at the Centrepoint Quiz contest. Today’s children are tommorrow’s leaders. Keeping this in mind, H.I.S. conducts fiercely contested elections for the student’s cabinet. A Head boy/Head girl and a school captain head the cabinet comprising of House and Sports Captains.

Sports has reached new heights at H.I.S with the completion of the sports ground for the boy’s section. The ground measures 5000 sq mt and is the only green grass cricket academy in the Kingdom. It comprises of three nets – one cement, one Austroturf and one natural turf. The ground will be used by the Saudi Cricket National Team for practice sessions before international matches. Physical fitness is also taken very seriously. Physical Education classes are conducted regularly and the Annual Sports Day is one of the most awaited events of the Academic Calendar and is its highlight. Students are also actively involved in team sports like cricket and football. Hala International’s cricket team has won most of the under 19, under 17 and under 15 championships it has participated in. It has also contributed members to the Saudi National Cricket Team as well.

The school has also been keeping pace with the ever-changing and evolving technological development and globalization. It has fully equipped labs, computer rooms and libraries with internet access. In keeping with our tradition of providing our students the best, we have installed video conferencing facilities between the campus buildings. Committed to facilitating the overall development of its students’ personality, Halaites are encouraged, supported and challenged to live up to their potential. In its pursuit of excellence, Hala International has and always attempt to identify and develop the individual strengths of each of its pupils and guide them and prepare them for a brilliant future. Like the famous Irish poet W B Yeats, Hala Intenational too believes that “Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire.”