School Uniform

Students should be sent to school in a proper uniform everyday.

– Girls ( L.K.G -U.K.G): Checked pleated skirt and white T-shirt with school logo. Kindergarten uniform will be provided by the school.

– Girls ( Juniors – grade I – IV): Blue pleated skirt (Pinofor) with white half-sleeved shirt along with house tie and head bands.

– Girls (Grade V – X): Navy blue uniforms with house colour tie and house colour head band.

– Girls ( Grade XI and XII): Grey coloured uniforms with house coloured tie.

– Girls (Grade I- X): Navy blue trousers with navy blue sleeve-less waist-coat, White full sleeved shirt and house coloured tie.

– Boys  (Grade I – X): Navy blue trousers with white shirt, house colour tie and black leather belt with small buckles. Boys are required to wear white half sleeved shirts only.

– P.E. Uniform: House colour T-shirts with black trouser.

– Shoes: Black leather shoes should be worn unless there is a P.E. period on a given day. Girls have the option to wear white full sleeves shirt under their P.E. shirt.

– Winter: Students are allowed to wear navy blue cardigans only. No jackets should be worn.